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It has been our experience that these businesses go hand-in-hand as they are all in the same field, and can typically be sold to the same customer when running on estimates.  We offer all three on this website to give you the opportunity to look over and either get involved with one, or all that is available.

We are a manufacturer, distribution center and training facility for decorative concrete resurfacing products, rubberized safety surfacing, and landscape curbing equipment.  We have been getting people involved in the decorative concrete and curbing industry for over 15 years.  If you are looking for a career change, or simply looking for a change in products, we can help.  Please click the pictures below to learn about the respective business opportunities.

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To learn how to install decorative concrete products such as stamping, spray coats, vertical stamping, concrete staining and more, look no further than Renew-Crete Systems.  This is a full line of user-friendly decorative concrete products. Products that we manufacture include color hardeners, release powders, concrete sealers, stains, overlays, spray coats, concrete paints, concrete stencils, patching products, vertical overlays, antiquing agents, and more.

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An alternative to decorative concrete product installation is RubberDek.  This is a non slip safety surfacing product that is ideal for situations where safety is a concern, or where there are surfaces that are not ideal candidates for concrete overlays due to cracking.  Because of it's flexibility, RubberDek is a solution.

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Rubberdek - Rubberized Safety Suracing

Another business opportunity is the installation of landscape curbing.  This is a low ticket item with great profit returns that is easily installed with Curbmate USA curbing machines.  Curbing is typically installed in a few hours depending on the linear ft., so you are in and out rather quickly.  Due to the low cost of materials, this can be done at a cost that is affordable for most customers.  We offer full packages including all of the tools and support equipment needed such as rollers, stamps, concrete mixers, trenchers, sod cutters, curbing trailers and more.

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