Friday, July 1, 2022
RubberDek® provides a durable, beautiful, soft safety surface over virtually any substrate such as wood, concrete, tile, asphalt, metal, plastic and a lot more. Ideal for pool decks, patios, walkways, driveways, play areas, splash pads, boats, animal transportation trailers and more.
RubberDek® is comprised of the highest quality EPDM Rubber mixed with a specially formulated resin and is trowelled onto virtually any substrate to create a non-slip seamless safe surface. RubberDek® can be applied at any thickness depending on the substrate or purpose, but for most applications RubberDek® is installed at a quarter inch thick to provide a durable non-slip comfortable surface to walk on.
RubberDek® can be installed with minimal tools and manpower. The product is mixed in an electric mixer then trowelled down over the surface. That’s it. No detailing, antiquing, or sealing needed afterwards. If the job is finished today…it is finished. Since time is money, installing RubberDek® saves you money.
RubberDek® is virtually indestructible. Weather conditions such as freeze and thaw, humid verses dry or extreme hot and cold climates will not change the properties of RubberDek®. In fact, when properly installed, to remove it would require the use of an air chisel, or mechanical floor scraper which in most cases would not only remove the RubberDek® but would also remove chunks of the existing surface still stuck to the RubberDek®.
RubberDek® is flexible – The nature of RubberDek® rubber and RubberDek® specially formulated resin allows for movement in the surface without causing cracking, peeling or flaking. Temperature changes on substrates such as concrete cause it to expand and contract, which for all other existing top coat products on the market would create movement on the top coat causing cracking, peeling or flaking of the product. RubberDek® simply flexes with it leaving no adverse effects. Similarly, if control joints are present, other top coats would require to saw cut them back in. With RubberDek®, it is not necessary to leave the control joints open.
RubberDek® not only offers a safe, softer, non-skid surface, but also creates a beautiful decorative seamless surface. Using a combination of 10 RubberDek® colors along with some basic training techniques will allow you to create custom borders, designs, and logos creating an individual custom look different for each customer.
RubberDek® although soft to the touch is a durable hardwearing surface. The easiest explanation would be to think of the tires on your vehicle. The rubber tires not only hold several tons of weight and pressure, but can withstand extreme temperatures from the hot summer days on asphalt to the cold icy conditions of winter.