Curbmate Training
Curbmate Training

Curbmate Training

We agree that as with most large investments, one should really do their research before making a decision.  That is why we recommend trying our equipment before as well as experiencing actually installing the curb.  As always, training is not required, but it would give you first hand experience at which you can come to a conclusion as to if you want to start a curbing business.  To be honest, it is not for everyone.  That is what we are about here…giving you the knowledge and training as well as standing behind you once you begin your business.

Curb training outside.

The classes are one or two days depending on your needs.  They are usually held in line with our other two training classes for RubberDek® and Renew-Crete® Systems.  The times of the classes are from 8am to 5 pm during which you will receive comprehensive as well as physical training on the first day.  Should you wish to attend the second day, we will discuss tried and proven business and marketing techniques that will aide you in getting your business started and keep it running.  The second day is just as important as the physical if not more.  Anyone can learn to lay the perfect curb, but if your phones aren’t ringing because nobody knows your company exists, what good would that be?

Due to customers purchasing used equipment elsewhere and then attend our training classes, our training costs are now as follows:

1 Day Hands On Class:  $1,000

If you are purchasing equipment from us, the 2nd day will be included in the price. (Equipment must be purchased by end of day 1)

If you are purchasing a package from us, the training is included.

All training costs are paid up front, and refunds will be issued if a package is purchased.

Curb training inside the classroom

Our goal is to provide the equipment, the training and the support to help others get involved in a business, from the beginning to the end, ultimately helping you be successful like we have been.  We have been installing curbs here in the Orlando area for the past 13 years and have already learned the hard way by trial and error.  Let us share with you our experience and knowledge that we have attained over the years.  Between our personal knowledge, the feedback of other installers, and over 25 years of knowledge from the Curbmate® USA Corporation at your disposal, we are sure that you will be pleased with the choice to let us be the provider for your company.   

Our success is your success.  We want you to succeed in this business and coupled with the top equipment in the business and comprehensive training, we see no reason for you not to excel.  

If you decide to purchase a package, we will credit you back the  training fee off of the retail price.   What do you have to lose?  Call us TODAY!

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