Financing is available for all of our equipment and packages.  If you would like to see if you qualify for our finace program, please print, fill out, and fax the form back to us.  You will typically know the result within 24 hours.

When starting a business, we realize that money is the one thing that is hard to come by. To add some relief, we have a couple of investment options. We of course accept cash and credit cards for all of our products, but we also offer business leasing on all three of our business opportunities through Advantage Leasing. A business lease is different than the standard lease like for cars and such. At the end….you will “own” the equipment. Using a leasing company has its advantages over a typical bank loan such as tax write offs and lower payments during the off season. Our goal is to help you become successful, and using a leasing company is one more way that we are doing our part.

Why Lease?

Equipment is better paid for while you are using it, not in advance. You would not pay your employees 2-5 years in advance would you? It should be no different with a contributing asset. Leasing enables you to pay for your equipment as you use it…while it makes you money.

Whether you are starting a new business or growing an existing one, the ability to battle through the tough periods will determine your level of success. Purchasing equipment with leasing frees up bank lines and available credit to use for marketing, advertising, and labor costs, or working capital for expansion and emergencies.

Leasing requires little up-front cost. Initial down investments may be as low as two monthly investments. Length of lease is flexible, varying 24 and 60 months depending on your individual needs.

When your business is profitable, leasing can reduce your tax liability by allowing you to write off the entire monthly payments as an overhead business expense.

Leasing Companies

Leasing Companies

If you choose not to use your own bank, or your own personal cash flow, and would like to utilize a leasing company instead, these companies below are great choices.  Feel free to submit one or all of the companies to receive comparative quotes.

Note:  Typically leasing companies only lease equipment. Since the decorative concrete and rubber packages consist mostly of material, please use the bottom lease application only.  

For a quick quote of what your payments could be, please use this form here provided by Crest Capital.


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There are 3 ways to use Marlin Leasing:

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