About Renew Crete
About Renew Crete

About Renew Crete

Renew-Crete® is a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing Renew-Crete® concrete restoration and resurfacing materials.Renew-Crete® products are manufactured using the highest quality materials with strict quality control. We manufacture user-friendly products that save our dealers time and money. Renew-Crete® Systems will supply you with personalized service and technical support that is unmatched in any industry. Your success is our number one priority.

The Renew-Crete® System is a modified-cement based, alternative flooring and surface restoration system for new or existing concrete surfaces. Renew-Crete® can also be applied over many other surfaces, such as metal, wood, foam, terrazzo, cement block.

A Note From The President

A Note From The President

Since the company was founded our main goal has been to teach our customers how to be succsessful in the decorative concrete industry. We have trained thousands of persons such as yourself, and continue to provide them support during their later years. We have designed one of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry, geared towards teaching persons and companies how to sell and install decorative concrete, not selling you!

We do not paint the rosiest of pictures and make it look so easy that untrained monkeys could do it.  We tell it like it is: it is hard, hot and dirty work, that can be extremely profitable an rewarding!  

We know that in 2 days we cannot provide all the answers to any situation you may encounter in the field, so we offer free technical support to all our customers in a timely fashion, and not the next day when it is too late. If you cannot speak to a technical support person right away you will usually get a call back within 30 minutes (during working hours of course), and you will never hear us say that it’s not our problem.  Your problems are our problems. 

Customer service is a real sticking point to me, as I have been treated badly by companies in the past and I would never wish any of our customers to go through that. Our philosiphy is simple: if we say we will do it, you can be sure it will be done; even to the point of costing us money. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and all our employees understand that. If you like our company, customer service and our products please tell others, if you don’t, tell me! I cannot fix problems if I am unaware of them.  

Our product line is the most user-friendly product line on the market, and also one of the most inexspensive. Many customers of other companies do not realize what they are actually paying per square foot, until they realize they are not making or even losing money. You need to sit down and figure your actual sq. ft. cost for materials and labor, before you can actually know how much to charge for your product.  

In closing I will just say that the decorative concrete industry is booming and demand is high, and of course, there are many companies selling decorative concrete products as well.  Whichever company you should choose, hopefully ours, I wish you well in the industry. If you are not or cannot get the service and support you need from them, please call us and see if you don’t get it here.

Sincerely Gordon Pennington
President Renew-Crete Systems, Inc

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