RubberDek Benefits
Benefits of RubberDek

Benefits of RubberDek

  •  RubberDek® offers a non-slip surface over what would normally be a slippery surface when wet.

  •  RubberDek® could reduce liability insurance costs for places such as hotels, condos, apartment complex, theme parks, shopping malls, and many others that are normally targets from lawsuits from falls caused by a slippery surface.

  •  RubberDek® because of the natural characteristics of rubber being a semi non porous material does not allow the growth of fungus and bacteria to penetrate.

  •  RubberDek® is non hazardous as defined by OSHA hazard communication standard CFR title 29 part 1910.1200 and the WHMIS Canadian legislation.

  •  RubberDek® allows water to penetrate to the existing surface and does not change designated water drainage flow.

  •  RubberDek® bonds to almost any surface, such as wood, tile, concrete, asphalt, stone, metal, aluminum, brick, chip board, some plastics and much more.

  •  RubberDek® product stays stable under extreme weather conditions.

  •  RubberDek® can be installed over existing substrates with small separations such as concrete with cracks or control joints, wood decks, pavers and bricks and still provide a durable safe seamless surface.

  •  RubberDek® uses EPDM peroxide cured rubber, which means unlike other sulfur cured and recycled rubber it will remain softer longer and takes longer for the ultra violet rays to affect its color.

    RubberDek® offers twenty colors that give a wide range of color combinations meeting any customer’s need. 

    RubberDek® training provides you with not only the knowledge of how to install RubberDek®, but a comprehensive course of what it takes to operate a profitable RubberDek® business.


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